World United News: Totalitarian Democracy

World United News: Totalitarian Democracy

Ukraine Feb -20th, 2022

When our so-called western leaders tell you that Russia will invade the Ukraine and that they know exactly what day Russia will invade the Ukraine, without providing any evidence, you know that the western powers are up to something very sinister.

The latest chapter in the American propaganda show went to a new level of insanity on Feb 3rd 2022 when the U.S. State Department’s Ned Price announced that the US government had evidence that Russia was fabricating a “false flag attack” [01] to make it look like Ukraine will attack the Donbass republics of Donetsk and Lugansk. However, when Ned Price was confronted on providing that evidence by AP reporter Matt Lee, the conversation became a “Who’s on First” Abbot and Costello monolog of “where’s the evidence”, “I just told you” “No you didn’t”… “Well, where is it then?” “I just delivered it”…

Outside of this comedy show, there hasn’t been much else in the way of questioning the US government, as mainstream media just echo’s whatever the government states.

What our western governments and mainstream media are not telling you is that the Neo-Nazi forces that western NATO countries are supporting in Ukraine have amassed 125,000 soldiers (for over a year), and are preparing to launch a blitzkrieg invasion and genocide in the Donbass region where 4.6 million Russian speaking people live.

Over the past eight years, since 2014, the Ukrainian army has been strengthened, supported and trained by NATO countries including the US, Britain and Canada in using western weapons, which continue to be used on the Russian speaking people, in the towns and villages of the Donbass region [02] (Donetsk & Lugansk).

For those that are unaware or geographically challenged, Donetsk and Lugansk are independent republics that broke away from Ukraine and share a border with Russia…and for those that are Historically challenged, Russia fought for its very survival, losing 27 million people during World War II against the very same anti-Russian Nazi mind set that NATO supports in Ukraine today.

The reality of Ukraine, as opposed to the propaganda of western governments and media, is that shortly after the Ukraine coup by western supported fascists in 2014, belligerent elements within the fascist coup government in Kiev vowed to remove everything Russian including the language and people from Ukraine, which by their statements, included the Lugansk, Donetsk and the Crimean Peninsula where citizens in fear for their lives, due to violent incidents by fascist elements in places like Odessa, [03] held referendums. Both Lugansk & Donetsk voted overwhelmingly to become independent [04] while Crimea voted overwhelmingly to rejoin Russia [05] by a 96.7% margin.

So, when Western leaders say they know the date that Russia might intervene in Ukraine, it is because western leaders are partners with the fascist regime in Kiev and privy to information through violent elements they support within the Ukrainian regime, where it is more than evident that the Fascist Ukrainian forces will unleash their belligerence (Azov Brigades) on the communities they’ve sworn to obliterate.

Let’s be clear here, the fascist power structure that still remains in Ukraine, was put in place by a 2014 coup funded and supported by the USA, Britain, Canada and many European nations. The western political leaders and their blood thirsty shouts of glee when the elected Yanukovich Ukraine government was toppled, was all that the western mainstream media showed to its viewers. The western mainstream media did not investigate what was really going on in the region nor did they present a historical overview to its viewers, and they certainly did not show that our western governments supported the obliteration and genocidal operation by the elements within the Ukrainian regime on the Russian speaking Ukrainians by the fascists and neo Nazi’s they supported in Ukraine. However, for those who did not see what really happened during that time, I took the liberty of making a Video playlist [06] for historical purposes of all the events that unfolded in Ukraine during that time. For those who would like to learn the truth about recent history, this playlist is for you.

Western Support of Fascism

The American, Canadian and European leaders that support these fascists and Neo-Nazi’s in Ukraine, confirm what our western leaders are…I mean, who could support fascism but a fascist.

Even though the political parties or leaders in charge of our western governments have changed since 2014, government positions remain exactly the same as their predecessors. They support the successively violent fascist regime and the genocide of millions of Russian speaking people in the Ukraine.

For a clear picture of western fascism, all one needs to do is to look at what has been going on in Ottawa Ontario Canada from the end of January through February 2022, to see the totalitarian policies of the Canadian Liberal minority government as they unleashed the “War Measures Act” now known as the “Emergencies Act” [07], to destroy, break up and punish peaceful Canadian protesters for daring to defy government mask mandates, mandatory inoculations, and the absolute removal of our Rights and Freedoms.

The Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, the minority Liberal government and all those supporting him, including the N.D.P. under Jagmeet Singh are attacking and labeling Canadians as terrorists. In reality, the protesters are peaceful and exercising their constitutional rights by calling for an end to the two years of totalitarian government measures, restrictions and unnecessary obliteration of our rights and freedoms.

Canadians from across the country, from different political spectrums want an end to the insane mandates but the government answered them by labeling them terrorists and invoking the “War Measures Act”. The government did not even attempt to talk to the protesters, instead they unleashed hell upon them.

The Canadian government is viewed, by peace loving Canadians, as an out-of-control tyranny, but to fascists, this is normal government behavior that didn’t go far enough or act fast enough.

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Canada has fallen and outed itself as a fascist nation, and there is no mainstream political party that is untouched by this totalitarian mentality, they are all authoritarian that fall inline with foreign economic interests as those in Ukraine do. It’s hard to even call our politicians and mainstream media Canadian anymore because they do not represent Canadian interests or ideals, they represent totalitarian dictatorship.

The same thing can be said about all western governments that support the belligerent elements in Ukraine over the people of the Donbass region. They’ve all ganged up using their NATO fist on the people of the Donbass region and more specifically, Russia, while also supressing their own populations with totalitarian suppression and human rights violations under the guise of health and security mandates.

In the past few weeks, NATO and U.S. government officials have stated that they have intelligence that Russia will invade Ukraine. American president and leader of the free world…I mean, the leader of the Fascist world, Joe Biden, initially gave Feb 16th as the invasion date, but then corrected himself after the day came and went two days later to then give Feb 20th, 2022 as the new date for the imminent Russian invasion. We all know that Joe Biden is suffering from dementia (most likely Alzheimer’s), so it’s possible he got the date wrong, or simply screwed up on what is clearly being orchestrated by others behind the scenes.

“We have reason to believe that Russian forces are planning to and intend to attack Ukraine in the coming week — in the coming days,” – American President Joe Biden said [08].

When pressed about what evidence the White House might have on Moscow’s decision to invade Ukraine, Biden declined to elaborate, saying only that “We have a significant intelligence capability.”

To add fuel to their propaganda fire, the US, UK, NATO and others, evacuated their embassies and offices in Kiev stating that the Russians were planning an attack.

The Unfolding Story on the Ground

On February 19th, the massed Ukraine army started bombing the Lugansk and Donetsk region. See Here [09a] and Here [09b]. In response, the leaders of the breakaway republics issued evacuation orders to their populations [10] and have called upon all men under the age of 55 that are capable of carrying guns, to remain and defend their homes. [11]

Bomb shells launched from the Ukraine also landed in Russia. [12] Which put Russia on high alert and a defensive position running nuclear war drills with Belarus. [13] Tensions rose to the breaking point yet still NATO and the western fascist leaders like Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau and Boris Johnson stoke the war drums with Russia and a Russian invasion?

At some point, Russia will have no choice but to get involved to protect the 4.6 million Russian speaking people living in the region if the shelling of Lugansk and Donetsk continues to escalate.

So, this is not a Russian invasion, but a dangerous provocation being played out by belligerent elements in the Ukraine which of course are supported by our fascist western politicians.

Dmitry Orlov wrote a very good analysis of the Ukraine / Russia situation last year titled “Putin’s Ukrainian Judo Revisited” [14], and concluded that Russia doesn’t have to invade Ukraine to protect the people of the Donbass, they could simply absorb the population by giving them Russian passports as they’ve already done for half a million people from the region already. He also mentioned, correctly I might add, that Russia also has weapons with sufficient range to launch from within Russian soil if they are needed to help protect the people of the Donbass without crossing the border.

I would add that the Russians also have satellite and drone surveillance while also possessing more superior weapons than the Americans and Europeans.

Final Word

As a Canadian citizen, no matter which western country I look at these days, be it Canada, Australia, the United States, New Zealand, Britain, France, Germany, Austria or Ukraine, I see a consolidated totalitarian mindset that includes mainstream media who promotes the fascist totalitarian ideology of our governments over their own people, while also stoking the flames of war on citizens of the Donbass.

If anything, the invocation of the “War Measures Act” and violent, dystopian police crackdown on peaceful people in Ottawa has certainly opened the eyes of millions of Canadians but also billions of people around the world who are watching fascism unfold in Canada and their own nations.

The propaganda and buildup of hostilities against Russia and the Donbass region, by the same western nations, is also in plain view right now and so we have reached a crossroads that surely must help change the direction of where we’ve all been heading. These events are a serious wake up call to people around the world and hopefully begins the changes needed to reverse course.

I could talk about the old Russian gas pipelines that run through a belligerent Ukraine, the new Nord Stream II gas pipeline to Germany that the American occupied Germans refuse to certify under pressure from the Americans, and the severe energy crisis the American’s have caused throughout Europe by their hostile economic position on Russia, but that will be a topic for another day.
About Stewart Brennan:

Stewart Brennan is a Geo-political and economic analyst, activist, blogger and author. He’s worked in the Aviation, Packaging, Transportation and Logistics Industries and is the author of “The Activist Poet”, two books of political activism and poetry. (See Here and Here) He’s also the author of several blogs including World United News and World United Music and a contributor on Global Research.


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