The Looming Collapse and Population Reset

The Looming Collapse and Population Reset
By: Stewart Brennan

The Long Slide into Poverty and Collapse – A Peak Oil Pandemic? 

As the western world collapses into fascism [01] by tyrannical measures enforced on the population via a pretensive threat and battle with an illusive flu, western economies are on the brink of collapse.

It should be noted however that western economies were already in serious decline before the so-called pandemic was announced in March of 2020, so blaming the pandemic for the looming collapse as our governments are doing is ludicrous. Besides, if there was a real pandemic, it would not have been selective on the population’s elderly, and would not persist for two years without anyone developing a natural immunity to it. Everything coming out of the establishment’s propaganda ministry is based upon some fictitious belief rather than the facts on their pseudo pandemic. [02] It’s more a pandemic of lies and coercion. [03]

Even still, the current push for mandatory inoculations and future boosters continues to destroy all personal freedoms, liberties and community cohesion while wrecking the independent mom and pop economy at the same time.

Variant after variant of flu virus has been introduced by organizations (C.D.C., W.H.O.) controlled by the economic cartel who continuously feed mainstream media and government with propaganda to scare the population into obedience. These, for profit only, experimental inoculations, embraced by the establishment, are useless and dangerous while the bullying restrictions put in place on those that don’t comply are Orwellian and very abusive. So, it’s no wonder that a growing number of people are refusing to take these inoculations and subsequent boosters, all of which by the governments’ own admission, do not work.

In essence, the pandemic has become the cartels tool to consolidate the entire economy into their own hands while also ushering in a totalitarian iron grip on society as they eliminate all the freedoms we once enjoyed, including freedom of speech which has been curtailed by censorship right across the Internet by targeting information that challenges their narrative on masks, lockdowns, vaccines and the pseudo pandemic in general.

So, why is censorship being employed on anyone that confronts the narrative on their pandemic? Why is the economic cartel so determined to get their way? What are they afraid of? Why have they taken this totalitarian road and what is their end game?

If we take a side step and look at some of the problems that have been emerging in parallel to the cartel’s pandemic, through all the lockdowns, leash laws and various dictates of ludicrous measure that we’ve had to endure from government mandates over the past two years, two curious economic constants have remained throughout, and they are; (1) inflation and (2) the high price of gasoline.

The price of gasoline did not drop for long when demand was severely curtailed by the global COVID lockdown in 2020, the price held steadfast for a while but then climbed when business and oil demand began to return. However, inflation has soared since the market crash of 2008-2009 and continues to do so, especially now in 2021 when the higher demand for gasoline returned as we emerged out of the second lockdown [04].

Yet at the heart of the continuous inflation since the crash of 2008-2009 is the fact that the economic system was never allowed to completely crash and go bankrupt and then correct itself from bankruptcy.

Instead, the private banks along with the wall street investment banks who were directly responsible for the real estate bubble and market crash, were bailed out with trillions of dollars in interest free money by a US government rubber stamp.

Over the course of the last 13 years, since 2008, a massive amount of the economy was bought up with this free money which went into money making schemes, dividends, real estate inflation and investment payouts. The stock market has thus inflated by 300%. 

Inflation in the real economy has been the result, while at the heart of the fractional reserve debt-based economy, is a monster that requires constant growth [06] to keep the entire fraudulent system afloat.

However, at the central core of modern economics, that makes everything run, is “energy” but more specific, “Oil”. So, a question arises, “have we passed the peak oil threshold?[07]

Fear, Inflation and a Long Winter

The current economic wave of destruction and supply line shortages, are being blamed on COVID but what is really happening? Why have governments turned so tyrannical and violent on their own people for a flu that is 99.98% survivable?

Inflation, [08] which is a hidden feature of our interest-bearing debt economic system, is soaring, mainly because of the high amount of debt on the global reserve American dollar, due in part to the trillions of dollars created and used for its military empire around the world (800 Military bases) which of course includes its global war of terrorism on oil producing nations, but also because of the huge derivatives created and payable in the over inflated stock market that has taken real estate prices to unreachable levels, and then there is the increasing costs of energy (Oil, natural gas and gasoline).

Inflation is most notably seen in food, heating, transportation and housing costs, which are a direct strike at the heart of community; and of course, this inflation is not taken into account by government when measuring the cost of living [09].

Looming Disaster

If another lockdown is employed in the winter of 2021 – 2022, due to this new mild flu variant called “Omicron”, it has the potential to send the world economy for another great fall, as supply and demand goes from peak to crash like a continuous ramp wave in terminal decline.

Clearly, we have arrived at another major supply / demand threshold, all of which holds the world population as a hostage with the collapsing supply lines that uphold our economic subsistence.

Inflation has hit everything, which has the affect of destroying the buying power of our currencies, while by consequence, parts of the economy disappear. Food and fuel are directly affected, continuing the cycle of economic decline that destroys our standard of living, making it harder for the masses to make ends meet.

On December 18th, 2021, the Netherlands became the first country to go back into a hard lockdown [10] as a result of the new variant Omicron. So, will the rest of Europe and North America follow? My guess is that they will.

Not only would another lockdown destroy what’s left of our communal economy, but the rich will get richer, the poor more destitute [11], the middle class more hollowed out while homelessness expands. The one thing that will drop temporarily during a lockdown or economic crash however, is the demand for oil and gasoline, but don’t count on food, heating and gasoline prices lowering very much, if at all, as supply lines continue to disappear. Is it all by design? Are we in a controlled collapse? 

Let’s look further…

Declining Resources

The higher grades of oil [12] that are used to make gasoline [13] and diesel are in terminal decline and are becoming much more expensive to extract, while abundant but inefficient energy intensive and environmentally destructive projects like tar sands [14] are simply too costly to extract as it requires an additional energy source (natural gas or electricity) to heat the water that removes the dirt and sand from it to leave it in its final state; a thick goo. Not only are they costly, they are environmentally destructive and require massive amounts of water at a ratio of 4 to 1 to extract it, while the toxic waste is a ratio of 2 barrels for every barrel of tar sands oil. 

The large global population puts a great strain on oil and gasoline demand, and so, if we do make it to out of the current economic collapse with the population intact, you can be sure that the contracted economy will contract again in the near future, with similar results, placing more of the economy into the same hands, while poverty increases and society sees more totalitarian measures put in place to keep it from revolting. By consequence, as revealed throughout history, poverty has a way of reducing the life expectancy of the population it effects.
Of course, the lockdowns are not about the economy, right? It’s all supposed to be about a tricky little corona virus that defies the laws of immunity as its reported to somehow evolve into a new deadly variant that our immune systems cannot handle, even in those who were coerced into playing vaxxine roulette twice…soon to be three times, then four, five and then every three months until you die.

Energy and the Economy

There is still no solution yet, to replacing oil as our primary energy source. Everything, including our food, is based upon it. Massive farms with mechanized equipment, fertilizer and pesticides, transportation, distribution, jobs to earn a living to buy the food, home heating, most electricity production, and most of the daily products we use. All of it relies on gas and oil, in a world with a growing population that requires more materials and energy to function within the debt-based system.

The Rock that Shattered the Economic Glass House

There is a very interesting parallel in the timeline between the creation and implementation of the COVID pandemic narrative, oil supply, and the sudden collapse of economics and society, which began to intensify after the United States government, under the Donald Trump administration, continued their economic war on Iran after refusing to certify the 5+1 agreement [15] and then officially announcing a return to a war of economic sanctions on May 8th, 2018. [16] Additional sanctions were imposed in 2018 and then again in June 2019 [17] where the US government boasted that they would, “bring Iran to its knees”; and “bring Iranian oil exports down to zero”. [18]

However, as the USA was busy losing ground in their resource wars throughout the Middle East and Africa, “Yemen’s Military”, who were an American military target of Saudi Arabia, and friend to Iran, hit the heart of the Saudi oil storage facilities in Abqaiq and Khurais [19] using advanced drones, destroying the Saudi facilities on September 14th, 2019.

After Yemen’s military struck the Saudi oil storage and loading facilities, it was announced that the damage from the attack, crippled Saudi exports by 50% and that it would take days, then weeks, then months to repair the damage. However, once the facilities were said to be back online, the oil output was almost 2 million barrels a day short of expected levels.

By December 2019, Saudi Aramco had put up a percentage of its company up for sale in an “Initial Public Offering” (IPO) on the Saudi Stock Exchange. So why would the Saudi’s sell off part of the only resource they have for future survival, if their economy was heavily dependent on oil sales and production? Have the Saudi’s gone past their peak in oil production? Have the costs of extracting Saudi Oil become too expensive?

“OIL” is the sole natural resource that Saudi Arabia possesses, so their plan to sell off their oil assets is a huge red flag not only on their future but on the future of global growth economics, because Saudi Arabia is said to have 5% of the worlds recoverable oil when the tar sands of Canada and Venezuela are included but 25% of the worlds remaining medium quality oil used to make gasoline. Of course, the power base of the western economic cartel, have been tapping this Saudi Oil for the western economies for over 80 years and oil doesn’t replace itself, as the last twenty years of western war on oil producing nations has shown. The 50% cutback is hugely significant for the global economy, especially for the western nations who continue to rely on Saudi oil.

It was not long after this incident at Abqaiq and Khurais that COVID-19 came into play, which by all measures, was planned and revealed at event 201 on Oct 18th, 2019. [20] The resulting lockdown of the global economy in 2020, which was one of the scenarios planned for at Event 201, had the effect of “destroying global oil demand”. [21]

But also of significance was that the energy leverage the United States once had on the World was laid bare and shown to be in decline especially after the collapse of their environmentally destructive and cost intensive fracking oil projects [22] that were rapidly put in place after the market crash of 2008 but also intensified and increased around 2012, due to global oil demand after the US and NATO destroyed Libya, Africa’s largest oil producer. 

The result of their intensive fracking project made the USA a temporary oil exporter and supplier once again, but especially to Europe, since they had to find a way to replace the lost Libyan oil supply to Europe while also trying to maintain the insane illusion of their global superpower status. By coincidence, U.S. fracking oil projects peaked in 2019 and have since gone into a major decline.

The US reserve currency which is controlled by the economic banking cartel is of course heavily dependent on oil and its continued energy supply to Europe… (Europe being an economic block within the economic cartel with minimal oil and gas of their own).
A large portion of the best remaining oil grades used in the creation of gasoline to supply the global economy reside and belong to independent countries such as Iran and Russia [23]who themselves have admitted to facing peak in their own productions. Even more curious is that despite the number of economic sanctions the Americans have placed on Russia, the USA still imports more than half a million barrels of oil from Russia daily.

Another major oil supplier is Iraq. However, the US military occupies Iraq and so the USA already have a hammer’s say in that country’s oil exports…for now.

Tensions are Mounting

If we also look at Europe’s natural gas problem in 2021, which the US Government is exasperating by political and economic leverage over European nations to block the certification of Russia’s newly built Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to Germany, [24] tensions are beginning to mount via NATO backed Ukraine as they’ve mobilized half their armed forces (125,000 soldiers) [25] to the Donbass region, which of course borders Russia. Tensions are continuing to mount.

The war on all fronts for oil and gas by western nations, led by the USA, continues, but has taken a very sobering turn as the United States uses Ukraine in a propaganda war to encroach on Russia, while constantly threatening Iran. Also of significant note is that Africa’s largest oil producing nation, Libya, the oil producing nation that the US and NATO destroyed in 2011 [26], has returned to the news recently when Saif Gadaffi announced he is running for the Libyan presidency [27] to unite Libya once more.

Before its destruction in 2011, Libya was a major supplier of oil and gas to Europe and the world, but when competition for future drilling projects began to favor China instead of the western oil majors, a war was launched on Libya by the cartels attack dog NATO, who in the process, lynched, tortured and killed Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi. [28]

So as Muammar Gaddafi’s son, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi returns to the spotlight to re-unite his country, it will be interesting to see how this next chapter plays out energy wise, as the demand for oil and gas worldwide slides down the descending side of peak.


The American reserve currency, which carries a huge deficit, and is pegged to oil, is now in serious decline and no longer the desired currency of trade by a growing number of countries [29], mostly because of American belligerence and economic bullying. So, as margin call looms, the massive torus of accumulated U.S. debt is pulling the United States dollar under an ocean of broken promises into collapse.

All western currencies are tied to the failing U.S. dollar, and so we are at a crossroads, where totalitarianism has suddenly re-emerged through a false pandemic, where decisions by western leaders are looking more desperate as they use emergency health dictates as an excuse to enforce their populations compliance into a police and surveillance state; while hiding the real reasons our economies have been in a constant economic decline for decades.

We are now at a point in history when constant economic growth can no longer be maintained due to the limited supply of cheap energy and the growing energy demand by a growing population.

Since cheap oil is all but a thing of the past, economic growth will no longer be able to rise, as the oil supply can no longer meet the growth demands. Growth is exponential while the energy and resources required to maintain it, are finite and in decline. Therefore, massive amounts of capital will need to be erased by consequence, which means economic collapse, poverty and famine will ensue; all of which is controlled by a consolidated economic cartel that has resigned itself to self preservation over the needs of the global population. 

One thing is for sure, the lock-downs, mask laws and fear peddling on COVID-19 have put economic changes into high gear around the world, as the destruction of global economics that functions via the US reserve currency, is now heading for a major correction and market call. Inflation and bankruptcies are escalating, supply lines are evaporating, all while the cartel plans for its New World Order via its economic reset plans announced by Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum [30] and by Prince Charles at the UN Climate Change Conference, COP 26 [31].

“You’ll own nothing and be happy” ~ Klaus Schwab

Global stock markets and economics are controlled by the same cartel of people by virtue of their shares and oversight of everything economic, which is why we are seeing a totalitarian controlled collapse. Bailouts, stock rigging and the control of resources are in the hands of the same people. Including the future plans for world governance.

Will the competition for oil between the US & China [32] continue to heat up? Will the United States continue waging economic war on the independent oil producing nations? Will the major competing nations, clash over oil and bring with it global conflict? OR, has an agreement been reached by the wealthy controllers within each nation around the world through the United Nations VIA the World Health Organization, to avert a global war, save themselves while forcing economic and population contraction through the agreed upon measures of Agenda 21 [33] and Agenda 2030 [34]

Is the fake pandemic, inoculation program and economic collapse the road to depopulation? For how could the sustainable growth that the cartel is promising, ever happen when “economic growth” is already impossible?We are about to see the next stage in global totalitarianism through the new variant they are calling “Omicron” so you can bet that lockdowns and mandatory / forced inoculations will continue to be implemented by governments all over the world while we also deal with a collapsing economy, inflation, and an energy crisis that follows. All of which have the quickest path to the overall collapse [35] of society, the results of which could usher in the four horsemen of the apocalypse…global conquest, famine, war…death. So, while the world goes into lockdown after lockdown under the guise of a false pandemic, the economic cartel have been consolidating, by stealth, what remains of the global economy through a controlled economic collapse and that of course is with the help of the rogue leaders of our nations, who have streamlined a totalitarian security state of varying degrees on the people of the world while also taking serious inroads to depopulation through forced inoculations and their looming economic collapse.


About Stewart Brennan:

Stewart Brennan is a Geo-political and economic analyst, activist, blogger and author. He’s worked in the Aviation, Packaging, Transportation and Logistics Industries and is the author of “The Activist Poet”, two books of political activism and poetry. (See Here and Here) He’s also the author of several blogs including World United News and World United Music and a contributor on Global Research


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