A Pandemic of Lies and Coercion

A Pandemic of Lies and Coercion
(Edited Aug 25th, 2021)

Twenty, twenty is a term that is generally associated with perfect vision, however as we look back in regards to the year 2020, it was a time that saw the world descend into a fog of blindness; a year in which governments around the world opened a Pandora’s box of sinister repressive laws and actions against their citizens after embracing the World Health Organization’s decree of a global pandemic [01] with COVID-19, on March 11th, 2020.

Before the W.H.O. declared this pandemic, the world was immersed in a raging propaganda storm on every political and economic topic around the world; a storm that made heads spin while deflecting attention away from the truth about collapsing economies around the world.

COVID-19 came out of that propaganda storm like a roaring monster, which plunged the world deeper into an economic and moral abyss. The whole pandemic was shrouded in mystery and unknowns as governments and mainstream media told of a deadly virus spread throughout the world leaving the majority of the population in a state of fear and blind obedience.

As we moved through the year, governments all over the world imposed draconian rules, laws, heavy fines and proclamations without debate. The installation of plexiglass barriers in all public places including stores, banks and pharmacies, with two-meter social distancing, mandatory masks, and then a lockdown of communities, states provinces and nations were just the beginning. Fear continued to escalate throughout the world via corporate and government controlled mainstream media who peddled a never-ending story of a health apocalypse and “new normal”.

During this new normal, the closure of sports programs, entertainment venues, theaters, restaurants, small businesses, schools, a reduction in hospital and medical clinic services, surged into curfews, second wave fears and rushed vaccines.

Questions began to surface such as why were the major stores allowed to continue doing business while the small independent stores were not? and “Why did all the corporate work places remain open?” There were too many contradictions to the imposed rules which were not logical in any sense of the word. If there truly was a real pandemic, why wasn’t everything shut down?

The PCR Test

The whole narrative of this COVID-19 pandemic was based upon a questionable PCR test which was hastily adopted without explanation.

When it was found that the PCR test was unreliable and test results were proven inaccurate [02], mainstream media stayed silent, social media platforms censored information, governments ignored the science and the public remained in the dark about things that they should have been told.

The entire pandemic is based on a PCR test that cannot determine if you are sick with a virus [03]. What’s more is that the sampling rate of the PCR test can be manipulated into false positive to say that you have a virus even though the sample found might be a piece of a dead virus that your immune system killed off already at some point long ago.

The PCR test produced massive amounts of false positives when cycle rates were amplified which of course was propagated into fear and a deadly pandemic.

What an old piece of dead virus found by a PCR test indicates is that your immune system has battled the virus already and given you immunity from it. Yet, what they are calling COVID-19, is 99.98% survivable which places it in the same category as the annual flu. However, those that govern the pandemic narrative completely ignore these scientific immunity facts [04a]. There are many doctors and professors who are trying to educate the population [04b], but they are being censored, repressed, labeled frauds and threatened openly. There is no discussion whatsoever. Why?

The governing narrative on the pandemic is still not allowed to be questioned by anyone, as the propagators of the pandemic outright lie to the population while covering up the truth behind it.

The dystopian government actions that emerged over the past 17 months, could not have developed in a world steeped with moral consciousness or a world with a true investigative mainstream media. We are instead, witness to the descent of morality, human rights, common sense and our living conditions on the say so of questionable people in power who are tied to economic interests.

Division within the Community

As a result of these pandemic lies, there is a major division of the population within our nations and communities regarding the belief in this Orwellian conceived COVID-19 pandemic.

The major dividing point in today’s crisis between those that are pro mask, pro pandemic, and pro inoculation verses those who do not believe, can be found in where people get their information from. Those who believe there is a pandemic, believe everyone should be masked and inoculated and tend to believe what their governments and corporate news networks tell them, where as, the majority of those who are against masks, experimental vaccines and who raise questions about the false PCR data, get their information from their own education or alternative sources, doctors, professional researchers, and professors who are being purposely censored by corporate internet platforms, search engines, governments and mainstream media. However, their voices have emerged on alternative platforms.

Those that do not believe in the declared pandemic are skeptical of the pseudo science delivered by mainstream media and governments that completely ignore the facts and the annual number of flu deaths every year. Is COVID-19 a deadly pandemic? Is the annual flu considered a pandemic?

If 99.98% survive what they are calling a pandemic, where the majority affected are the elderly in care homes, and the rest of the population is virtually untouched, then it is not a pandemic. If we had real conscientious authorities in charge of our nations, they would investigate why COVID-19 is prevalent in the elderly and old age care homes.

If we were to do a REAL investigation on the causes of death, the very first thing to check on those who died would be their flu vaccine records, did they get one and if so, which annual flu vaccines were administered in those elderly care homes. I would also check the annual number of deaths in those facilities and what they died from and then compare with the 2020 numbers. However, I would also look at all possible causes of death, as many of those that died, had other ailments that lowered their immune systems and made them more susceptible to the annual influenza or that they died from their other ailments but were reported to have died with COVID.

Have people died of severe flu symptoms over the past year? Yes, sadly every year people die from the complications of corona viruses because viruses like Influenza “A” & “B” travel the world annually causing hundreds of thousands to millions of deaths world wide but especially in the elderly who are more susceptible to flu viruses due to ailing health conditions. Death through the complications of influenza (i.e. pneumonia) has occurred around the world every year since World War II. Nothing has changed for decades. There has been a continuous annual flu cycle since then.

Flu became more noticeable in the early 1990’s when hospitals wards were filled with the elderly. Also, clinics and hospital emergency rooms were filled with people requiring a doctors note for their corporate bosses if they had been off sick with the flu. Mandatory doctor’s papers were, and continue to be, a needless and costly burden on our healthcare systems by companies that have made this practice compulsory. Staying home and resting when one has the flu is the best practice. Going to a hospital or medical clinic to be diagnosed with the flu just to get a sick note should not be necessary.

People used to joke that if you wanted to get sick, just go to the hospital, where you would surely catch the flu just by being around people with it. The same thing can be said about the annual Flu vaccines that pharmaceutical corporations were desperately trying to administer unsuccessfully to the entire population even before this pandemic was launched…and of those that did get the Flu shot, many got sick after they had it, including the elderly in care homes.

People die every year from corona virus related complications through pneumonia. The proof can be found in the nations’ historic annual cause mortality numbers where one can find all causes of death including overall totals year on year. These facts are a known part of our collective past but somehow have escaped the so-called mainstream media who obviously do not conduct investigative journalism, because if they did and fought for community, they would have put pressure on politicians, and the corporate pseudo-science they embrace with attention given to their unnecessary draconian mask, lockdown and inoculation laws instead of being the wedge dividing society. Unfortunately, we have to understand that mainstream media are corporate or government owned, which explains their criminal collusion and lack of reporting scientific facts.

What will they do Next?

Pandemic Vaccines

The new complications in this dystopian pandemic are tactics being used to get people to take their extremely questionable corporate provided vaccines. There has been some reluctance by people to get these inoculations especially since the pharmaceutical corporations never completed the testing phases for them. Given the deadly history of past pharmaceutical products, and that they have been given immunity from prosecution, the trust level of them is rightfully at a historic low, but especially now after millions of reported vaccine injuries and many thousands of deaths.

Those pushing the ongoing pandemic narrative are so desperate to get people to take their untested vaccines that they offer money and gifts to those that do. But that still hasn’t had the desired effect that they were expecting and so a new level of desperation has emerged where, governments are now proposing forced vaccination programs on their populations, where failure to comply will mark you as an undesirable while cutting that person off from all societal activities and travel. Health passports are being tabled by governments against the people’s rights and freedoms while corporations are also doubling down on their employees to take the experimental vaccines or risk losing their jobs. This type of behavior is criminal, its coercion, totalitarian and should be opposed at all costs. 

Vaccines Not Needed

Data has come out by doctors and medical researchers that claim there is a very real danger of getting these inoculations, especially if you’ve already had the stipulated covid virus. To me, this is a serious warning that I want to hear because it’s my life and the lives of my children that are at stake and I don’t take chances, especially when some stupid government official, mainstream media employee or some entertainment false god says these experimental vaccines are safe without providing any proof. My response is to say, “Take your vax and shove it”.


Our governments are compromised by corporate economics. They have bowed down to a cartel with interests in politicizing the annual flu into a profit-making monster for their pharmaceutical companies and the mega corporations that were allowed to continue their operations throughout a so-called pandemic. These corporations, are not concerned with our general health and safety, they are only concerned with making profits for their shareholders…and those shareholders control economics, government, media, entertainment and thus, society.

If there was a real pandemic, it would have been reflected by a large death spike in the annual cause mortality numbers of 2020. It would have been right in our faces, such as a constant above normal stream of ambulances to the hospitals from residential areas where the people affected would have ranged in age across the population spectrum. But that did not happen. 99.98% of the population survived the so-called pandemic. There was no additional death spike. The only spike we saw was in government lies, mainstream media propaganda and information censorship across the internet. Who did that benefit?

There are four medical research reports that came out after the first round of covid inoculations were administered to the population that warn of blood clot dangers from these mRNA and DNA corporate vaccines. These scientific reports should raise an alarm across the world and should be taken seriously. They require a close study and should not be dismissed, while video explanations [04a] by professionals such as Professor Sucharit Bhakdi, MD should not be censored, as government, social platforms and mainstream media continue to do.

If these scientific research studies are accurate, see (Here [05]), (Here [06]), (Here [07]) and (Here [08]), then there will be a lot of death and injuries going forward if these inoculations continue to be administered on the population. That should be enough for everyone to stop this insane vaccine program in its tracks. But our governments are completely ignoring these studies and doubling down on vaccines being forced on the population! Why!?

Those in control of the pandemic narrative, are not letting it go, but are instead, digging their heels into the hyper pandemic narrative where mainstream media now blame the unvaccinated population for the continuation of the COVID pandemic through covid variants. They completely ignore the fact that if you’ve already had this virus and survived along with the other 99.98% of people that have had it, then your immune system already has the tools to fight off any variant; AND so, this so-called pandemic is over! Which means that their COVID and its variants are just another seasonal flu. Unnecessary vaccination on the other hand, becomes a serious danger to everyone’s health.

The path that our governments and mainstream media continue to drive, leads to further totalitarian government measures and segregation of the population, which has already begun to emerge throughout Europe, Australia, New Zealand and North America via proposed health passports, continued lockdowns and health segregation laws.

Treasonous government officials would not be able to get away with imposing totalitarian dictates if everyone was properly informed, and so, because a small immovable group controls the narrative, the majority of the population will continue to believe whatever lies they are told by the media, without doing any investigation. The establishment has no intention of letting the covid pandemic narrative go as they talk incessantly about new waves of covid variants, additional inoculations, medical passports and no-go zones with a refusal to listen to medical facts. We are heading down a very dystopian road where the unvaccinated population will be blamed for the coming variant pandemic.

The Future of PCR Tests

Since people are slowly becoming wise to the fraudulent use of the PCR test, the cartel in charge need to make the PCR test facts go away if they want to continue their pandemic. Therefore, they have scheduled new corporate controlled tests to replace the PCR test [09] after December 31st, 2021. Doing so without questioning the previous fraudulent PCR results allows them to hide the truth by inserting new and completely invisible “replacement tests” so they can continue the lies that keep the majority of the population fearful of annual flu viruses.

You can be sure that the information on these replacement tests will be corporate and government controlled so no one will be able to pull them apart through scientific data. We will have to trust what the lying corporate government establishment says.

The only other recourse we have other than mainstream media is the alternative media that carries the voices of opposition from doctors, professors and medical researchers that internet platforms and mainstream news continues to censor…However, I expect we will see a great deal more censorship across the Internet as they eliminate the COVID-19 PCR TEST from history, and the test results which are the pandemics Achilles heal.
Opposition to Forced Inoculations and the Health Pass

People all over the Europe have risen up in opposition to their governments planned or forced vaccines and Health Passports. (Italy [10]), (France [11], (England [12])

There are more government’s passing laws of oppression on their nations such as France [13] as we get closer to the annual flu season which returns to the northern hemisphere in August / September of 2021, and as they get closer to rolling out the new test scheduled for December 2021.

Unfortunately, the world is run by a deviant corporate economic banking cartel that only has a code for profit. Anything they do not control is either a target for consolidation or destroyed and accepted as collateral damage in their war on our communities. Division of the population is one of the main tools they use to get what they want and so this covid crisis which stems from the top down will continue being used as a means to usurp economics and freedoms away from the population and it will also have the effect of depopulation through a continuous cycle of administering dangerous inoculations that cause injury and premature death. (Population Reset?)